On March 31, 2009, Governor Corzine signed three clean energy bills in front of a combined heat and power production facility at Rutgers University Busch Campus.

With stated goals of reducing dependence on foreign oil, creating jobs and combating global warming, the first bill requires developers to offer to install solar energy systems on development of certain new home construction.  The bill also gives home owner associations, within developments of over 25 units, the right to access the units to repair solar energy systems and collect fees from owners for maintenance costs of such systems.

A second bill permits renewable energy facilities to be located in industrial zones.  Renewable energy facilities are facilities that engage in the production of electric energy from solar technologies, photovoltaic technologies or wind energy.

The final bill authorizes the Board of Public Utilities to use revenue from retail margin assessed on certain customer classes to benefit only those customer classes by supporting development of combined heat and power, energy efficiency and demand response projects.