On November 4, 2009, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) issued regulations for the new site remediation requirements under the Site Remediation Reform Act. One of the most significant requirements of the new law is that all new cleanup cases are required to be competed through the use of a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (“LSRP”). The LSRP essentially acts in the place of the DEP to ensure that a cleanup meets all applicable remediation requirements. Once the LSRP is satisfied that the cleanup is completed, the LSRP will issue a Response Action Outcome (“RAO”) letter for the cleanup. The RAO is the equivalent of a DEP-issued No Further Action letter – it is the document which formally closes a cleanup case.

Working with its LSRP John Brennan (from Brennan Environmental, Inc.), Cole Schotz was able to obtain one of the first RAOs issued under the new cleanup law. As an ISRA-subject tenant, our Client was obligated to complete the ISRA investigation and cleanup requirements before purchasing the property from its landlord. To allow closing to occur before the ISRA case was completed, Cole Schotz facilitated the filing of a Remediation Certification, which permitted the closing to proceed before the ISRA case was completed. Three weeks later, after working closely with Cole Schotz, Brennan issued his RAO and thereby closed our Client’s ISRA case.

Because the LSRP requirements are new, it is critical that your professionals (attorneys and consultants) work closely together to make sure the cleanup progresses smoothly under the new rules.